October 12th, 2016
Yorlife Celebrates National Chocolate Week

Yorlife chocolate week

This week marks a week to celebrate chocolate, as if we needed an excuse to indulge in the sweet stuff.  Unfortunately as delicious as chocolate may be it is not necessarily the best friend to our gut health  let alone our waistband particularly the mass produced milk variety which is made with exceptionally high levels of sugar and artificial preservatives.  That said, you deserve a little treat every so often and once in a while eating chocolate is no bad thing.  In fact dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and has been proven to lower blood pressure- win win!  Unfortunately persuading children to enjoy dark chocolate with it’s slightly more bitter taste than milk chocolate can be difficult so this sweet, creamy and nutty shake is a fab way to get your little ones enjoying kefir.

So to celebrate Chocolate week we thought we would share our recipe for our gut-lovin’ kefir chocolate milk shakes which taste so good the kids will begging for more (without realising how healthy their sweet treat is, you won’t be able to resist seconds either,


Cacao “Chocolate Milkshakes”


250ml Yorlife Natural Kefir

5 Medjool Dates (Soaked- see instructions)

Small Handfull Hazelnuts

2 tbsn Cacao Powder

1 tspn Vanilla Extract (Or Vanilla Protein powder for an amazing post workout recovery shake)

Although it is a little time consuming it is well worth soaking your medjool dates to ensure a smooth consistency and avoid any lumpy bits hiding in the bottom of your shake.  Pop your dates in a cup or bowl with warm water for at least half an hour before draining and putting in your blender, add the hazelnuts and blend until you have a think yet smooth paste.  Add all the other ingredients and blend until smooth.

Serve and enjoy your guilt-free, chocolate treat!


Happy Chocolate Week, Yorlife Team x