August 10th, 2016
Kefir for all the Family

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Back in the days before hand sanitiser and kitchen spray, when kids played outdoors till it got dark and toys consisted of sticks, mud and, shock-horror, our imaginations, we were exposed to all sorts of germs and somehow we all survived and made it (somewhat) successfully to adulthood.  However nowadays there is such an emphasis placed on sanitising and cleansing that bacteria have ended up getting a rather bad name for themselves. Overuse of hand sanitisers and prescription antibiotics can have an effect of the good bacteria living in our gut just as much as the bad and as research is proving time and again that the bacteria in our gut is vital to ensuring a strong immune system and over all well-being.

Building a strong immune system from an early age is vital to ensuring kids grow into healthy adults with a good resistance to all the nasties they will be exposed to as they journey through life.  Anyone with young children knows that nurseries are basically breeding grounds for every bug under the sun and while we can’t protect them from everything, we can give them a good head start by ensuring their gut health is as strong as possible.

Kefir is a delicious way to make sure the whole family are getting their daily dose of gut love as well as being a fantastic source of calcium, essential for growing strong teeth and bones.  Now we know that getting kids to eat things that are good for them is the bane of most parents lives, lord knows I have spent enough evenings scraping rejected broccoli from the kitchen walls! While we at Yorlife think kefir is a delicious drink on its own we know that little ones tend to have a sweeter palate and so we have a few suggestions which may help in persuading your little darlings to make the right choices.

Our Blueberry & Elderflower and Mango & Passionfruit flavoured kefir are naturally sweeter than our Original flavor and so will probably appeal to children more but here are some fun ideas you can try which the whole family will love.


Frozen Kefir Lollies

All you need for these fab summer time favourites are some lolly moulds and you can experiment to you hearts content!  My daughter loves the Yorlife Blueberry & Elderflower with some added whole fresh blueberries.  You could also try Original Yorlife with crushed raspberries, or Mango & Passion Fruit dipped in fresh passion fruit seeds for a mouthwatering treat, the possibilities are endless!


Cacao “Chocolate Milkshakes”

Blend Cacao nibs (raw cocoa, much lower in sugar) with Original Yorlife, a tablespoon of coconut oil and whole hazelnuts for a Nutella-esk indulgent smoothie, the kids won’t know the difference and you’ll find yourself finishing off theirs and making seconds!


Do it Yourself Breakfast Pots

Best way to get kids excited about healthy food?  Let them get involved and get their hands dirty!  Normally on a weekend morning (because we have a bit more time) I will put out little bowls of crushed almonds, granola, fresh berries, chai seeds, soaked oats- whatever I can find really, and a big jug of kefir of course.  Then I give my daughter a bowl and let her go to town!  It’s important to talk to children about food from a young age and to ensure that they grow up with an understanding of how to eat a balanced diet and equally importantly have a healthy relationship with food and themselves and getting them involved in food preparation is a great way to get started.


We would love to see you pictures and comments of how these recipes turned out for your family and always welcome suggestions for future recipe ideas!

Team Yorlife x