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Ok so we can’t take credit for inventing Kefir, those kudos are due to the nomadic shepherds who lived in the Caucasus Mountains over 2000 years ago. The name originates from the word “keif” which literally translates to “good feeling”, which is a pretty accurate summary of how you feel after drinking Yorlife. Kefir is a fermented drink, made by adding kefir grains to milk and allowing it to ferment. But “what is a Kefir grain” I hear you ask, well they aren’t actually grains, they‘re live cultures of yeast and lactic acid which look a bit like cauliflower. These grains ferment and “culture” the milk, growing lots of the good bacteria we need to keep our internal eco systems running efficiently. The grains are then removed and can be used again and again and again as they are living organisms… You have probably heard how good probiotic yogurt is for your gut health, well if you think that a typical tub of these yogurts contain between one and two cultures and your typical 250ml serving of Yorlife Kefir contains almost 50 it’s easy to see that Kefir comes out top trumps when it comes to keeping your gut happy.

Besides containing highly beneficial bacteria and yeasts, kefir is a rich source of many different vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and general goodness*. For more on how fabulous this little miracle drink is take a peek at our kefir health benefits.

*obviously a totally scientific term

about Yorlife

Yorlife products are made on our family farm where we have been making our award winning Yorvale ice cream since 1989. In recent years we found that we were getting more interest in healthy alternatives to our traditional dairy ice cream and so we did what we do best- we got in the kitchen and started experimenting. A few years ago we launched our range of low-fat, natural frozen yogurt but we decided not to stop there and began thinking of more healthy and delicious products we could make. We have never agreed that healthy eating shouldn’t be enjoyable, we think healthy food can be just as delicious as those naughties! Yorlife Kefir has been carefully “cultured” (see what we did there) to ensure we maintain as many live bacteria as possible. It is made by adding the live kefir cultures to pasteurised milk (we pasteurise before we add the grains not after like many other brands of Kefir as this would kill the good bacteria) and leaving the mix to ferment for 24 hours in a temperature controlled environment. We then split the mixture and add natural fruit to create our different delicious flavours, keeping aside some for our pure kefir drink.

Throughout our time as dairy farmers, ice cream and now Kefir producers keeping things natural and wholesome has always been central to our operation. We still only use the milk from our own herd of Friesian cows which we milk daily and transport just 100 yards to our production room ensuring everything we make is as fresh and pure as possible. We only ever add entirely natural fruits to any of our Kefir (or ice cream) products and we don’t believe in using artificial additives.

To find out more about Yorvale please see our website.

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