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Did you know that 75% of your immune system lives in your gut? This is just one of the areas Kefir benefits. Billions of good bacteria reside in your gut and fight the bad bacteria which come its way. However over use of antibiotics and antibacterial lotions and soaps can damage these good bacteria as unfortunately it isn’t very good at working out which is good and which is bad. This can lead to an imbalance in bad bacteria in the gut which in turn compromises the immune system making you more likely to get poorly. Drinking Kefir reintroduces good bacteria, resetting this imbalance and helping boost your immune system from the inside out.

Improves Digestion

Improving gut health is one of the key Kefir benefits as our modern Western diet tends to be a bit too processed. Additive rich foods work against our natural digestive system and slow it down leaving us feeling sluggish and bloated. While we would always recommend cutting artificial additives out of your diet and sticking to a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and veg, adding a daily dose of Kefir will help maintain the flora in your gut which helps food move efficiently through the digestive tract. A happy gut will make a much happier you!

Boosts Energy Levels

In addition to the hundreds of good bacteria in Kefir there are also high levels of tryptophan which produces seratonin (the feel good hormone) which is exceptionally efficient at improving your mood, balancing your hormones and maintaining your energy levels. This tends to be one of the lesser known Kefir benefits but is certainly one of the most instantly noticeable. Kefir is also full of essential amino acids which help control and regulate our stress levels which can lead to more restful sleep resulting in increased energy the following morning.

Supports Bones

In recent years dairy seems to have had some pretty bad PR. It seems many people are cutting out dairy more and more believing that they are intolerant to it. The truth is dairy intolerance is actually very rare and what most people who find trouble with dairy products are actually intolerant to is lactose (which is a sugar found in milk and many man made products). The amazing thing about kefir (as if you needed to be impressed further by kefir benefits) is that there is a naturally occurring enzyme in it which breaks down the lactose so that it is more easily digested, even by those with a recognised lactose intolerance. There is even evidence that if drunk regularly people who have previously been lactose intolerant have regained the ability to digest lactose from other forms- pretty impressive! The calcium, phosphorus and B vitamins found in kefir are essential for maintaining healthy teeth and bones and can help inhibit the development of osteoporosis- an increasing issue in women of a certain age.

Supports Metabolism

There is increasing evidence that the state of the bacteria in your gut can affect the rate at which we process food and use calories, this in turn can effect the formation of fat cells. This is one of the kefir benefits people are currently most interested in. The flora in your gut determines many things including your immune system and how well your metabolism works, if it’s full of bad bacteria (or no bacteria thanks to antibiotics) your metabolism simply won’t work as efficiently as it could and you’ll struggle to shift those pesky pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

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