Recipe, Prebiotic Artichoke Super Soup

Prebiotic Artichoke Soup

Ok so it may be unseasonably warm right now but we all know Autumn is just lulling us all into a false sense of security and before long we are going to be digging out the scarves and (amazing) woolly jumpers.  So here’s a little recipe to get you ready to those chilly days, our Prebiotic Artichoke Super Soup!   A couple of weeks ago we were talking about the importance of prebiotics in your diet as much as probiotics.  Now while many raw foods such as bananas contain prebiotics and are a great inclusion in kefir smoothies we thought you might like to try our gut soothing prebiotic soup with a hint of turmeric, perfect to ease you into those Autumn evenings or to take to work on a soggy afternoon.

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1 Onion

10g Flour

1 large Jerusalem Artichoke

1 tbs Fresh Lemon Juice

1 tspn Ground Turmeric

1 tbs Butter

50ml Milk

Salt & Pepper (as desired to taste)

100ml Vegetable (or chicken) stock

Yorlife Original Kefir to drizzle on serving

Wash peel and slice the vegetables, squeezing lemon juice over the artichokes to keep their colour. Melt the butter in a saucepan and toss the vegetables in it for about 5 minutes, with the lid on, shaking to prevent them sticking or getting brown.  Pour on cold stock, bring to the boil and simmer gently until all vegetables are soft and tender. Blend your soup, if possible, then add the milk mixed to a smooth paste with flour. Bring to the boil for 5 minutes, stirring continually.  Sprinkle your soup with cracked black pepper and drizzle with Yorlife Original kefir to serve.


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Enjoy, Yorlife Team x

Recipe, Carrot Cake Kefir Smoothie Bowl

Yorlife Kefir Smoothie Bowl

Kefir smoothie bowls are a fantastic way to start the day, or indeed as a snack throughout the day.  You can chuck just about any ingredients you like in there and they are a great way to ensure you are getting a nutrient packed and filling breakfast (or lunch, snack etc.) full of probiotics to get you ready to take on the day.

Kefir is a natural way to ensure you are getting a good dose of good bacteria to keep your gut flora happy and thriving.  This will improve your digestion, metabolism and support your immune system.  Kefir has also been linked to a more restful nights sleep and better energy levels throughout the day.  Yorlife kefir is great to drink on it’s own in one of our three fab flavours (Original, Blueberry & Elderflower and Mango & Passion Fruit) but it’s also a perfect addition to smoothies which you can create using fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds…well anything you fancy really.

Try our gut loving and filling carrot cake smoothie bowl, a delicious blend of dates, grated carrot and Yorlife (as well as some spices) – it’s the perfect balance of naughty and nice!  It is rich in fibre and the turmeric adds an anti-inflammatory to soothe your tum.  Make sure you share a pic of your creation and use the hashtag #YorlifeYourway


250ml Yorlife Original Kefir

2 Grated Carrots

5 Medula Dated (pitted)

1 tspn Cinnamon or Ginger

1 tspn Turmeric

A small handful of walnuts

A small handful of cacao nibs

Desecrated coconut (to garnish)

Add all to a blender and blend for 1-2 mins until smooth.  Pour into a bowl and garnish with the coconut and some leftover carrot (or anything you like really!)

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Enjoy, Yorlife Team x

Gut Week, Time to learn to love your gut!

Gut health week kefir

So here at Yorlife kefir HQ it’s pretty much Gut Week every week.  We are fairly obsessed with all that is gut health but this week gets us extra excited as it’s an opportunity to get everyone else talking about their gut health too!

We thought we would mark the occasion by sharing with you lovely folks a few tips for maintaining gut health as if you really make an effort to look after your gut flora we promise it will start to look after you in return.

  1. Ok so I am going to start with the obvious- take probiotics. It’s so simple yet so many people do not get enough probiotic rich foods and instead suffer because of a poor balance in their bacteria.  So get started by drinking kefir daily, whether it’s on the go or you take your time and make one of our delicious smoothie recipes just make sure you are getting at least one 250ml serving per day.  You may also find that taking a probiotic supplement can help too but we would only recommend adding this once you have been consuming kefir daily for a month or two as you may overwhelm your body.
  2. Don’t forget your prebiotics too. We wrote a post last week on the importance of this often overlooked food group which you can read here.  You will find that you see much quicker and more noticeable results by ensuring you include prebiotics alongside probiotics.  It can be as simple as starting the day with a banana or adding one to your smoothie as they are packed with prebiotics and will aid absorption and efficacy of your kefir.
  3. I know this sounds silly, of course you chew your food but are you chewing it enough?  Eating or indeed swallowing too quickly is one of the biggest causes of bloating as when you eat quickly you often take in too much air which can make you uncomfortable.  When we chew we produce saliva which contain enzymes that actually help us break down and properly digest our food.  Taking your time over your meal, that means sitting down, preferably not being distracted by our phones or computers (easier said than done I know) and actually taking note of what and how you are eating can help you avoid bloating and encourage you to feel fuller for longer so you avoid those 4pm naughties!
  4. Walk it off. Take a gentle walk after lunch or at some point during the day to help encourage your metabolism to keep working throughout the day.  While high intensity work outs are great for fat burning and cardiovascular health, gentle movement throughout the day is great for your digestion and peace of mind.  So when you can, get away from your desk- leave technology behind and get 10-20 minutes of fresh air and movement!


We hope Gut Week gets you thinking a bit about your own gut health and perhaps even gets you on a journey to improving your inner flora!


Happy Gut Week, Yorlife Team x